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Brides, stop tripping

I've been meaning to talk about this for a while now since seeing so many brides travel down the aisle is excruciating. I sincerely hope that this post can provide some insight into how to walk without tripping over your gown, particularly during your grand march in.

First and foremost, how did this situation arise? In my humble view, this is due to the fact that many of them chose the wrong gown. I understand that every bride fantasizes about being a princess on her wedding day. However, if you are 5 feet tall, you will most certainly drown in a huge poffy gown, let alone walk in it.

Second, gown rental in many cases does not change the length of the gown. They can take a few inches around the waist to make it fit your figure, but they can't do anything if it's too long. Unless you had it custom-made for your body.

Third, you may be able to walk in them quite fine in the gown rental shop, but it is altogether different when it comes to THAT moment. The reason behind this is that most banquet halls are carpeted, and as you move forward, friction from the carpet will scrape the excess material from the gown in, causing you to stumble.

What are the possible solutions? The most obvious would be to choose something that fits your physique properly rather than simply following what is trendy. Sure, you might not realise your Cinderella dream, but at least you won't be tripping all over the place during your grand entrance or worst, falling flat on your face.

Second, learn to walk, logically. I've seen a lot of folks trying to walk while gripping the sides of their gowns. That would be useless. What you're doing is gathering additional fabrics to your steps, further obstructing you. The proper approach is to softly pull up your gown in the middle, making just enough room for your feet to walk (as demonstrated in the video above). You might say, "Oh, that doesn't look good," but it's better than you scrambling down the aisle, isn't it? Besides, there are many ways of doing it elegantly. She executed it flawlessly in the video. You can even show off the pricey wedding shoes that have been hidden beneath! lol

There are a million things to be concerned about at a wedding; walking should not be one of them. Every bride should be able to walk with her head held high, sporting the sweetest grin in the arms of her prince charming. Lastly Good luck to all of yous who are planning your wedding, may you find the right dress!

(人穿衣服,不是衣服穿人 )

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