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MY Journey

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

One of the most often topics of conversation I have, or rather the question I am frequently asked, is how I got into the wedding makeup business. Most people have a lot of curiosity.

I started out as a makeup artist because I wasn't sure of my career goals after leaving college. I choose to pick up a skill and make it my career after working numerous jobs as waiter, receptionist, and even butler. I had to decide if I wanted to work as a bridal makeup artist, a manicurist, or a hairstylist. I mistakenly believed that among the three careers, becoming a makeup artist was easiest. Developing a skill is never simple. Time and practise are necessary.

My teacher told me I don't have the talent on the first day of class, " just like me ", I distinctly recall. In comparison to those who are gifted from birth, people like us must give our 110%, she said. She was an excellent and understanding educator. After a year, I was able to hone my technique and turn my hobby into a career thanks to my devotion and a lot of hard work.

1st of April 2023 marks my 15th years in the industry. I will be forever grateful to my teacher for not giving up on me. I hope one day I could be someone's 110% teacher.

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