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I am Ben and I have something to say

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Welcome to Ben Bernard Bridal Makeup Blog!

My experiences in the wedding makeup profession are the subject of this blog. Some of the stories are humorous, some may offend you, and some people may find them to be informative. Do not, however, take anything too seriously because I am not!

Let me first say a few words about myself. Ben here; I've been doing makeup for weddings for fifteen years. I must admit that I'm quite happy of myself right now because I built the website you're visiting right now using Wix. This is not my first website or blog on makeup. I was unable to pay for the hosting, thus I lost it amid pandemic lockdowns. I figured that since everything is back on track, why not build another website. Thus, we are here:)

I hope you can get to know me through my blog.

15 years in the business is a long time. My job gave me many enjoyable times, but there were also some plain bizarre encounters. But above all, I want to share with you some tips for wedding preparation.

Last But Not Least

Ben Bernard Bridal Makeup at your service. I have been very lucky to be involved in so many weddings where precious memories were created, and I hope to be part of yours in the near future!

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