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Experiencing Wedding From Different Culture

I was very honored the other day to have the opportunity, and for the first time, to assist my customer in her traditional wedding costume. My client is a Bidayu descendent wearing the traditional clothing - Ngepan is part of their culture. It is made up of many pieces, each of which is unique. They are all really delicate and lovely.

When I was told that I would be required to assist in the dressing of my client, I began searching for tutorial videos on YouTube. It appeared simple enough, but I was completely wrong. On that particular day, it took two people and 35 minutes to dress her. Mostly because we must handle the parts with caution as they are fragile and precious.

Ngepan is made up of silver jewellery, copper, beads, and linens in a variety of patterns, all of which are meticulously handcrafted. They are, of course, rather costly. My client told me that she had been collecting them piece by piece since she was young. The costume's uniqueness and specialness demonstrate that all of the patience and work were well spent.

I'm sure all eyes were on her that night.

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