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"How to Prepare Yourself for Your Wedding: 5 Essential Tips for Brides-to-Be"

  1. Many brides-to-be look forward to getting facials to have that radiant glow on their wedding day. But before you book your appointment, here are a couple of things to keep in mind: - Hold off on New Products: Try not to start any new skincare routines or use new products at least three months before your big day. This way, if your skin reacts badly, you'll have time to sort it out without any last-minute stress. - Skip the Extractions: Avoid getting any pore extractions done in the month leading up to your wedding. They can leave your skin red and prone to infections, which is the last thing you want before walking down the aisle. (Let me tell you a real-life story: One of my clients was thrilled about her upcoming wedding and wanted flawless skin. She trusted her beautician who convinced her to try a new treatment just a couple of weeks before the big day. But instead of looking radiant, her skin ended up inflamed and far from perfect on her wedding day. So, it's best to stick to what your skin knows and avoid any last-minute experiments.)

  2. Getting your hair ready for your wedding is such an exciting part of the preparations! Here are some tips, based on my own experience: - The Perfect Length: Aim for your hair to fall around your bra buckle. Give or take an inch or two is fine, but try not to go much shorter or longer than that. I know there's this idea that longer hair is always better, but trust me, that's not always the case. If your hair is fine and flat, having it too long can actually make it look even flatter and lifeless. - Layers are Lovely: Personally, I'm all for a bit of layering in your hair. It adds some texture and movement, which can really enhance your look. Of course, if you have thin hair, a blunt cut might work better for you, and that's totally okay too. - Fringe Fun: When it comes to bangs, I find that a length around chin or longer tends to frame the face beautifully. It can really highlight your features and add that extra touch of elegance to your bridal look.

  3. Planning your makeup time for the big day is crucial for a stress-free morning! Here's a simple way to make sure everything runs smoothly: - Start with the End in Mind: Figure out what time the groom needs to arrive. Let's say it's 9 am. - Work Backwards: Now, subtract some buffer time and work backwards. For instance, aim to have your hair and makeup completely done by 8:30 am. - Calculate Your Prep Time: If your makeup artist estimates it'll take around 3 hours to get you ready, then your makeup session should begin around 5:30 am. - Be Punctual: It's important to be ready for your makeup session on time. Remember, the longer you take to get started, the later everything will finish. So, resist the temptation to dilly-dally! By planning your makeup time in this way, you'll ensure that you're not rushed and that everything flows smoothly on your special day.

  4. Alright, here's a little nugget of wisdom that might not be the most popular opinion: When it comes to picking out your wedding dress, think practical, especially about your height. Now, I get it, every girl dreams of feeling like a princess on her big day. But let's face it, if you're on the shorter side, getting lost in a giant, fluffy gown might not be the fairy tale moment you're imagining. I mean, can you imagine trying to gracefully navigate down the aisle when you're practically swimming in fabric? So, instead of going for the whole "Cinderella at the ball" vibe, aim for something that actually fits you. You'll feel way more comfortable and confident strutting your stuff towards your happily ever after in a dress that's just right for you. Remember, it's your day to shine, not to get lost in a sea of tulle! (ps : walking on tiles is totally different from walking on carpeted floor)

  5. Lastly, Prepare yourself mentally. Absolutely, it's vital to embrace yourself just as you are, especially when it comes to your wedding day. Sadly, it's all too common for brides to feel bombarded with pressure to look a certain way, often leading to unnecessary stress and self-criticism. Let's be real, weddings nowadays can sometimes feel like a big production, with so much emphasis on appearances. But it's essential to remember that the most attractive quality anyone can have is confidence. Your partner chose you because they love you for who you are, not for some unrealistic ideal. So, instead of getting caught up in trying to meet impossible standards, focus on celebrating your love and the joy of the moment. After all, that's what truly matters.

( I actually knew a bride who had major plastic surgery prior to her wedding. She was already beautiful, but she wanted to change herself to fit some ideal. It was shocking to see how much she had changed in just a year. In today's world, I know I should say your body is your choice, but unfortunately, I find that she has lost her unique beauty and become just another man-made plastic. What matters most is that the person she's marrying chose her for who she is, rather than some unrealistic beauty standard. At the end of the day, it's about embracing yourself and celebrating the love you share with your partner, imperfections included. )

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