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Lesson Of The Day

Wedding Date: 6th Sept 2023

Location : Seven Terrace, Penang

I will never forget her because she taught me to embrace myself for what I am. We've known each other for years, since 2018, to be exact. I remember doing her makeup for the first time when she was a bridesmaid. Then, over the years, she would call on me anytime she needed to attend a wedding. So I was overjoyed when she asked me to be her wedding makeup artist on her wedding day.

We discussed the makeup and hairstyles prior to to her wedding day. I'm aware that she has a lot of grey hair, and I've encouraged her to dye it. In my view, we need to hide or conceal anything that does not meet the beauty criteria. In other words, I coerced her to meet a beauty standard.

Her mother, she said, was also proposing that. But she refused. "When men have grey hair, they are called sexy; when women have it, it is frowned upon," she continued. I immediately felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself for pressuring her to conform to the beauty standard, an expectation that is sometimes unrealistic, cruel, and ultimately leads to a loss of sense of individuality."

A double GG, a wasp's waist, a butt as wide as social distancing, or sausage lips, dragon claws for nails and a Pinocchio nose do not constitute beauty. Beauty should be inclusive and diverse.

We started doing makeup at 4 a.m. that day, and she was already up & perky. She wanted something light, but eye-catching. Nothing heavy or dramatic like traditional bridal makeup. I enjoyed creating the looks for her in the morning and evening.

When we were finished with her makeup and hairstyle, her mother came in and requested that an evil eye to be drawn on her. Her mother explains that it is usual for the bride to have an evil eye on her. Essentially, it is used to ward off any negative intentions towards the bride on her wedding day and to ensure that everything runs properly. Finally, I used eyeliner to make a dot on the back of her ear. Something new and fascinating to me.

In conclusion, I learned that beauty comes in different forms, and that we should not limit ourselves to the majority's perception of beauty. We are brainwashed every day into believing that beauty is something we see on social media, but it is not. As a makeup artist, I remind myself that I should not be a part of this myth.

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