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Should I do eyelash extensions?

Before I begin, I'd like to state that this is my view as a 15-year makeup artist; if you disagree, that's fine; keep doing you! I hope this piece is informative, and if you are on the fence about getting eyelash extensions for your wedding day, this might help.

We sometimes take for granted the many benefits that eyelashes provide, such as acting as guards to keep out dust, pollen, and other allergens. But eyelashes are more than just biological structures. Long, defined eyelashes can transform the way you look by opening your eyes and producing a fresh and bright appearance. This is because dark eyelashes highlight the white of your eyes and the dark ring around your iris. However, to those who has short or sparse natural lashes, eyelash extension might not be the answer.

This image is the result of eyelash extensions. Notice how her lashes are drooping and cover a third of her eyes? It's thick and unnatural, especially in the outer corners of her eyes. If long eyelashes can freshen and brighten one`s face by opening one`s eyes, this is definitely closing her eyes and making it look sleepy. The eyelash extensions also create an imbalanced look on the eyes, with dense lashes on top and little to no lashes at the lower water line, which appears odd. But this is not too bad because the extensions are freshly done.

This is when lash extensions are a couple of days old. Some lashes are missing, leaving gaps in between, the lashes are pointing in all directions, and they are even more drooping, making your eyes look embarrassed. I always wonder what others would say or react to if they saw someone with lashes like that in public. It's like someone has something stuck in their teeth; you know it's there, your eyes can't help but look, but you don't know how to tell them because you're embarrassed for them.

A view from the side of eyelash extensions. Individual fake lashes are adhered to the real lashes strand by strand. Without a doubt, the effort is there, but the result is less than satisfactory. Notice how the extensions are facing downwards before curving up? That's the issue. Most Asian lashes are naturally straight and pointed downwards, putting additional weight on each lash and resulting in droopy eyes.

I've had clients that can't go out without their eyelash extensions. They stated that they feel naked. So, what is the alternative? To create a natural-looking effect, I recommend keratin lash lift, or keratin lash lift first, followed by lash extensions. The latter will help the extensions in lifting up thus opening up your eyes. I hope that this article is informative and helps people understand what they are getting into before deciding to get lash extensions. However the choice is always yours, if eyelash extensions is your cup of tea, sure go ahead, you do you!

( ps,No offence to all lash technicians; your work is tedious and requires a great deal of patience. Salute! )

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